Conversion Strategy

A conversion is a term used in ecommerce to describe a desired action you want your customers to take on your website i.e. the end goal of their user journey.

Conversion Strategy Optimisation


A/B Testing

Test new ideas and get genuine feedback from your users

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Basket Recovery

Help your customers remember what they wanted

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ROI Optimisation / ROAS

Make smarter decisions on where to invest your spend

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Make it simple for past visitors to purchase

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Conversion Funnel Optimisation

Understand and address your customers’ pain points

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What is a conversion

A conversion is a term used in ecommerce to describe a desired action you want your customers to take on your website (i.e. the end goal of their ‘user journey’).

Typically, this desired action will be a product purchase. However, what a conversion actually represents can vary depending on your business goals, or the industry you’re in. For example:

  • For a blog, a conversion might be a sign-up to their company newsletter
  • For a review site, a conversion might be a user leaving a review
  • For the website of a local business, an online conversion might be a customer calling to schedule an appointment, or submitting an enquiry using the online form
  • For a company offering training, conversions might be ebook downloads, or registrations to the webinars on offer

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Should conversion strategy
focus solely on sales?

No two users are exactly the same, so it seems a little reductive to assess all of your users by the same goal. Therefore, for many businesses, it can be worth having a number of conversions rather than just one.

This enables you to optimise for different actions and user journeys based on the type of user you’re dealing with, and thereby make smarter decisions regarding the initiatives you undertake to get them to convert. It’s very easy for businesses to fall into the trap of considering e-commerce conversions (product sales) the ‘be all and end all’ of their conversions. Of course, product sales are an important KPI for any business that offers products for purchase. But not all users are prospective customers, especially not in their first interaction with your site. This doesn’t mean there aren’t actions that you want them to complete (i.e. conversions), by any means! Let’s look at an example.

Don’t judge a fish by its ability
to climb a tree

Let’s say a user has reached your site with a completely non-transactional search query. They show no indication whatsoever of wanting a product. In fact, they’re not even in the product awareness or consideration phase.

This user is just looking for guidance and information, and found your website in the course of that search for information. Trying to force this user to buy a product is a sure-fire way to ensure they bounce off your website and go to a competitor. If they have a good experience on that competitor website, chances are that that user is gone for good. No one wants to be bombarded with sales messages, least of all when they’re just looking for information.

But this doesn’t mean this user has no value for your business. On the contrary, successfully turn them into a brand loyalist and they’ll return to your site of their own accord countless times over the course of their customer lifecycle. When they want or need a product that your site offers, there’s a much higher change that they’ll buy. Similarly, turn them into a brand evangelist and they’ll refer your site to others, helping you reach more users / prospective customers for no additional marketing spend. Therefore, rather than obsessing over a short term sale, your conversion goal for this of user should have been to engage them with the content you offer, and turn him into a loyal reader or subscriber.

Conversion Strategy Services

If you’d like a hand planning and analysing the performance of your business’s conversion strategies, Optiminder’s here to help. We can help you brainstorm various ways to monetise your traffic, and devise a conversion roadmap of different strategies to test and iterate on. Similarly, we can deep-dive into your existing data to help you analyse what has worked so far, which initiatives are the most cost-effective for your business, and where you can concentrate your efforts to ensure you maximise the value you’re getting from your various conversion activities.

Whatever your budget and whatever your business model, Optiminder can help you formulate a focused and data-driven picture of your user base, your website performance, and your optimal conversion strategy. Reach out today to find out how we can help you turn your users into customers.