Digital Consultancy

Digital Growth Consultancy

We’re an ambitious and experienced consultants, each expert in their fields. We work together very hard to achieve high-quality integrated solutions for businesses like yours. From online advertising through SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-mail, through effective CRO, UX and A/B testing we have the depth of knowledge and the breadth of experience we would like to share with you and to get your digital growth up to speed 🙂

Why us?

The digital environment is incredibly complex, ever-evolving place. To win, you need a partner that will support you every step of the way to grow, a trustworthy friend that understands your business and do everything in his power to help and who puts your success in the first place. That partner is Optimnder Consultancy; it’s because we are:

Your remote team

Working with us, you gain access to many consultants and resources that can be used whenever needed. Working closely with you and your team, we imagine great ideas and diverse views on digital growth and how it could be delivered. All this to provide you with bulletproof strategy that help your company win the future.

Not just tech, people first

We believe that technology should improve our lives, and therefore strongly encourage everybody to allow users to be a part of the development process. This is why we’re never solely focused on super-advanced solutions, but also on psychological research to identify the emotional and irrational desires of your audience to be able to choose specific tech stag and marketing approach that works for your unique circumstances.

Constant Learners

We are only as good as the least of us, therefore we invest significant amounts of effort to ensure your team and ourselves are kept up-to-speed with recent trends and developments. Well equipped with the knowledge you can be sure that together we’ll bit your competition.

Efficient and Effective

No tricks, no gimmicks or cheeky “hacks”, we’re a data-led consultancy, and each and every plan is based on facts. Endless analysis and testing is the only way not only to secure your success but also to keep your budget and ROI on a healthy level.

Your Friends

We’re not only digital geeks, talking code. We’re an enthusiastic bunch who enjoys what we do, but even more, we love to share what we know. Lunch & Learn or regular Show & Tell is always an excellent opportunity to that, but also to brainstorm and discuss thought-provoking ideas that may help your business. For sure we will have plenty to talk about 🙂

Consultancy or Agency, what’s different?

We are a digital consultancy, that means we always focus on solving the end-problem, managing stakeholder expectations and requesting input as required to secure your long term strategy and growth, not just short term quick wins. An approach like that shapes our framework of assets and allows us to design a plan that achieves best ROI as well as keeps your budget in check.

We do not typically focus on just single tasks and ad-hock improvements, campaigns or pure sales. We always try to capture the bigger picture, across all channels and opportunities and then advise forward-looking and sustainable strategies when it comes to digital adoption.

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