It is fair to say the world has been tipped upside down and shaken to its very core this year. As we try to piece things back together again, there is one thing that still stands firm in the business landscape and that is the exponential rise of mobile marketing.

Covid-19 has diminished much but the growth in mobile use has merely been multiplied as users across the world are confined to their homes. The resulting up surge in mobile phone use is incredible as users all over the globe spend more time on their phones.

What does this mean for your business? It means you need to ensure your business has the most effective mobile advertising strategies in place so you can reap the rewards of this increase in online traffic.

Why mobile advertising?

Many businesses have been paying more attention to mobile advertising from well before the pandemic. Indeed, pre-pandemic predictions for mobile ads had already estimated that mobile advertising was going to comprise 75% of all online advertising spends by 2022.

Cumbersome, costly and stationary PCs have long been replaced with an array of mobile devices in homes across the world. Especially now, since the onset of the pandemic. Figures for mobile use are even higher than before as the public, restricted from access to desktop screens at work and in educational provision, are using more mobile devices in their homes in greater quantities. The global nature of the pandemic means this pattern is consistent across the world. In fact, within any one household, you have multiple users, each using a different mobile device at any one time – perfect for not just higher audiences but also targeted mobile advertising campaigns.

Not to take advantage of mobile advertising at this present moment, particularly when trade is so challenging, is a massive opportunity missed. Indeed, this is likely to be one of a number of key actions that set businesses apart in coming years.

So which are the best mobile advertising strategies you should have in place for your business now?

4 Steps To Ensure You Reap The Rewards of Effective Mobile Advertising

Let’s take a look at the top 4 mobile advertising strategies you need to know.

1. Targeted Audiences

We all know how intrusive adverts can be when you are browsing content online and users are more savvy than ever about blocking unwanted content on mobile.

To guarantee your mobile advertising reaps a solid return on investment, utilise marketing analytics and AB testing to curate targeted content and display it to the right audiences who are most likely to convert.

There are tons of ways to create targeted content for advertising. Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) for example, will allow you to take one ad and turn it into numerous versions targeted to specific groups of customers.

2. Engaging Content

Marketers are finding more and more creative ways to make mobile ads fun and quick to convert. As you create your ad think about how you can make the experience more engaging for your target market.

Our mobile devices are a huge feature of our leisure time – now even more so than before.

If you can make your mobile ads, interactive, enjoyable and helpful to your audience, they will feel like less of an ad and more of a piece of content your audience would naturally be interested in viewing on mobile.

Including direct connections to your business phone number, social media, website, mobile pages specially designed for those ready to make a purchase, discount offers, email signup, a map of your business and more, serves to enhance the convenient nature of mobile phone use and drive up your conversion rates.

Similarly interactive elements and content you can play, click, test or experience for yourself, all have high levels of engagement because these are the things we are used to doing on our mobile devices all the time.

In doing so, you speed up the customer journey, increasing your conversion rate because your interactive elements have brought the function of a traditional landing page into your ad.

3. Social Media Advertising

Similarly, the vast majority of social media use occurs on mobile devices. According to there were ‘an estimated 3.46 billion active mobile social media users’ in 2019, meaning in North America alone, 61% of users accessed social media on mobile.

Social media advertising gives you direct access to clearly defined groups of users, already engaging in content targeted to their interest. With all major social media platforms now offering quality opportunities for targeted advertising, this is a highly beneficial marketing strategy you don’t want to ignore.

4. Properly optimised

As with all mobile content, test and test again before your advert goes live.

Testing is necessary for more than securing a good conversion rate, you’ll also need to check every part of your advert displays, loads and functions properly so you don’t waste precious time, money and user attention.

Likewise, you’ll need to ensure your website is responsive and effectively optimised for mobile when then user arrives because nobody enjoys landing on a web page that is not optimised for mobile with clunky and awkward checkout processes.

Missing this important step will simply lead to wasted ads that don’t convert.