SEO Analysis

It's necessary to regularly perform SEO analysis to review all aspects of SEO strategy in order to check which parts are working and which aren't. It gives an opportunity to remove obstacles that limit the channel's performance and helps to spot SERP opportunities that have not yet been investigated.

Why is SEO Analysis important?

It's impossible to make conscious decisions regarding the channel's optimisation without a comprehensive SEO analysis. It can provide insights on where keyword gaps are and where to improve the content. It helps to find technical issues, and uncover any other SEO opportunities you may not have seen otherwise. Combined with in-depth SEO competitor and user behaviour analysis, it helps to provide search engine visitors with an optimal journey that results in elevated engagement, and consequently with better ROAS.

It's crucial to perform the analysis and monitor the SEO landscape regularly as the online environment is getting more and more challenging, and it's evolving quickly. Winning valuable organic traffic requires now new ideas and constant technical improvement. SEO analysis will help you stay relevant on SERP and allow alway to be one step ahead of competitors.

Key metrics for SEO Analysis

1. Keyword Gap Analysis

By uncovering gaps in keyword strategy and comparing against rank competitors, it's possible to improve organic search performance quickly. It helps to spot new opportunities and open new ways of reaching an audience that has never been engaged before.

2. SEO Technical Audit

An on-page analysis is one of the essential steps in order to improve organic search performance. It helps to ensure content and coding follows SEO best practices and if can be read by crawlers correctly.

3. Analyse traffic and conversions

Optimisation work may be worthless if the SEO doesn't convert visitors into customers. Understanding search engine visitors behaviour and what drives conversions is vital for channel performance and success.

4. SEO Competitors Analysis

For the SEO channel to deliver results, it's essential to understand who do you compete against for organic search traffic. Investigating what topic and keyword tactics may work for them will help you to find new opportunities that can be leveraged.

5. Evaluate backlinks

Backlink analysis checks what authoritative backlinks already point to a website and if they support the site's authority. This check helps to find any potential gaps as well as to review competitors backlinks in the pursuit of new link opportunities.

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