Remarketing allows an advertiser to show advertisements to someone who has previously visited their site. The ads show up on websites that show ads or even when they search on Google. If someone has visited your site and left without buying anything for instance, it will be beneficial to re-target these customers and remind them of their visit to your website. Advertisers can also develop tailored solutions that entices them back through a special offer and specific landing page.

Remarketing works by putting the remarketing tag code to every page of your website. When a person visits the website they are added to the remarketing lists. To target these people again, simply login to the Google AdWords account and select a remarketing campaign. Those people who have visited will see an advertisement with your details again.

How can you use remarketing? Plenty of ways! Think through your business goals and campaign style and depending on the sort of website you have you can do:

  • Display Network Remarketing: These ads show up to people as they browse other websites
  • Search advertising: If someone who has visited your site searches again for a relevant keyword, you can ensure your advertisement is front and centre reminding them that you exist. As you know they have already visited, target the ad specifically for them with a special offer
  • Dynamic remarketing (only for advertisers with a Google Merchant Center account):
    Dynamic marketing ads change depending on the information gathered about each visitor when they came to your website. For instance, if someone primarily visited pages about a particular product, the system will automatically show them an advertisement targeted to that particular product. This will increase the likelihood of them clicking on your advertisement and returning to the product

Should You Use Remarketing?

What do you want to do with your website? Most people want to drive repeat sales – we all know its easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. If you want to increase sales, boost registrations or simply get the word out about your brand, remarketing could work for you. Right now not many businesses are using it, so you have an advantage if you get in early.

Tips for using Remarketing

Google has uploaded default settings into the Adwords program.
Choose ‘Display Network only – Remarketing’ and you will see the options Google recommends for an effective campaign. This will help ensure that your audience is broad enough to get attention but targeted enough to be lucrative.

Choose ‘Search Network only – All features’ if you just want the ads to come up when someone is searching for relevant keywords.
It’s important to note that you cannot use remarketing in conjunction with standard search and display marketing campaigns. This prevents overload of information for the person who visited your website.

Remarketing and The Integrated Campaign Strategy

If you’re focussed on targeting your consumer at every step of the sales funnel, remarketing is for you. Here is how it could fit into your campaign:

  • Using search ads or traditional methods, drive visitors to your site
  • Use the remarketing tools to capture which pages they visit and when
  • Develop a specific campaign for returning visitors; 50% off offer or other sales pitch
  • List your advertisements on the Google Display network

We recommend the Google Display Network because it will drive more customers to your website. This is because it will display to consumers on any website they’re on regardless of what they’re looking for at the time. Having many visitors click on ads and go to your website could also boost your results in search engines.

Use your lists built from the remarketing codes to work out how high your bids should be for search engine advertising and pay per click campaigns. Your bid sets how many people will see your advertisement and how strong your ROI is for your PPC campaign.