Remarketing is an excellent way to boost the relevance and personalisation of the ads displayed. Properly understood and executed, it can really help to re-engage with users and significantly improve return on ad spend.

Remarketing for your business

Remarketing involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on a site or demonstrated an interest in particular products but did not follow through with a conversion. Remarketing offers means to keep relevant ads in front of them after they move elsewhere and persuade them to re-engage and re-consider the offer.

As we all know, bringing continually new visitors to a website is quite a complex task, and if we consider the fact that on average over 90% of them leaves without taking any action, makes the acquisition quite pricey. In that case, taking advantage of the already shown interest is not something any business can afford to ignore any longer.

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Benefits of Remarketing

Application of a remarketing strategy may bring several significant benefits for an online business:

Lowers Advertising Cost

Retargeting ads are an extremely cost-effective way to reach qualified prospects. Retargeted ads only cost if users are interested in coming back, and because of the higher conversion rate, it's possible to keep the cost per acquisition (CPA) lower.

More Targeted Ads

Remarketing ads can be personalised to fit the preferences and needs of each user or to specific customer segments. This can be done through the use of dynamic ads, which automatically adapt content and promotions specifically to each user and ensure they are exposed to the most relevant ad incentive.

Expands target group

It's possible to broaden fairly quickly the potential pool of visitors by creating a similar audience based on previous conversions. For example, from a list of 1,000 customers that have converted on a website, a similar audience of 10,000+ potential customers can be targeted because lists such as similar audiences and remarketing are based on customer actions.

Keeps Users in the Funnel

Thanks to remarketing it's possible to keep potential prospects engaged and also put them back in the conversion funnel. Moreover, properly designed, it's possible to facilitate transition into the next step of the funnel. For example, if a user leaves a product page, a remarketing ad can lead the user back to the checkout with the particular product added to the list.

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