PPC Audits

PPC audits are essential for the best PPC campaigns performance to ensure effective spending that improves ROAS. It's the best way to check an account set up and discover specific areas that may need improvement and identify hidden issues, that need to be addressed. It also helps to spot opportunities that might have been missed.

Why is PPC Audit needed?

PPC audits are essential for maintaining and optimising PPC accounts as they usually indicate the start of the new account set up or an account is taken over by a new manager. Often, PPC audits work as a jump-start point for campaign management. They are also used as an infrequent tool for those not looking for full account management services but want to clean up their account.

There is always something that can be improved in an account. No matter how much hard work is put into building an account and optimising it. There's always something that might have been missed or not yet tested. On top of that, new features are continuously added, and further updates released in order to provide advertisers with the best tools. This is why PPC Audits should be performed regularly to ensure every account is optimised to its full potential.

It's also worth mentioning, many automated tools provide algorithmic-based audit results and grade PPC account. These, however, often lack the context and can't account marketing goals, focus audience, and adequately estimate outcomes of PPC efforts. Therefore, only an experienced specialist can provide a meaningful evaluation and advise a suitable strategy.

Key components of PPC Audits

Here're some essential areas to best focus on when performing a PPC Audit.

Account Set up

Right hierarchy can undoubtedly impact amount performance. The campaigns must have the correct settings such as geo-targeting, language, dayparting, campaign level bids, campaign-level budgets. Constructed in right way campaigns can deliver more reliable data for decision making and consequently improve return on ad spend.


Keywords are the heart of PPC advertising. In this case, adjusting bid strategy and match types, updating negative keywords and reviewing the keyword lists may considerably improve account performance.


It's important to check if tracking conversions such as sales and leads is right and data match up to what is shown in other analytics tools. It's vital to have reliable reports for a better understanding of CPA and conversion rate generation.


Ads often are left to run unchecked in many accounts, despite the fact they are at the front of every camping. If they don't contain the right message, then need to be reviewed and replaced.
Best way to effectively improve ads is to set the ad rotation, use dynamic keyword insertion, adding calls to action and extensions.

Landing Pages

Take into consideration the user's 'post-click' experience it's worth reviewing if landing pages are still relevant? Do they provide correct and relevant to search queries information? Do they work and not return 404 errors? There's nothing more frustrating than spending money on ads which are broken.

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