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Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, combine the best of mobile app experience with the best of the web. Google have described them as the “The Future of the Mobile Web”. But what are the benefits of a progressive web app, and are they worth it for your business? Let’s find out.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps that use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users, without the user ever having to download an app.

Progressive Web Apps deliver a lightning-fast experience, and are even able to work offline. Since

Unlike a regular website, a PWA can also leverage some of your device's features, like sending push notifications, native video and audio capture, and native video playback. PWAs can also be added to your device's homescreen, and will appear in your app lists.

Together, all of these features will help to ensure that your users come back to your site again and again, and that you offer a delightful user experience every time they do.

  • User Experience

    Offer your users a native app-like experience. Leverage features like push notifications to bring users back to your site.

  • Performance

    Improve the performance of your website. PWAs were found to be at least 2 to 3 times faster than responsive websites.

  • Conversion Rate

    Increase your site's conversion rate. PWAs see an average improvement of 36% in the conversion rate of your mobile users.

  • Value

    PWAs significantly reduce the demand on your servers. They're also up to 75% cheaper to develop and maintain than native apps.

  • Offline Availability

    PWAs use service workers to cache data for offline use. This delivers an immersive experience, and ensures your target audience use your website features even if they lose connection.

Progressive Web Apps vs Regular Apps

Progressive Web Apps are up to 75% cheaper to develop and maintain than native apps. They’re also more lightweight, with the weight of Progressive Web Apps typically 80-90% lower.

This lighter filesize, along with many of the other technological benefits of Progressive Web Apps, leads to great improvements in performance.

Furthermore, unlike native apps, Progressive Web Apps don’t require you to submit them to the app store or use up business resource on App Store Optimisation (ASO). Similarly, businesses don’t have to rely on users choosing to install their apps, after downloading them from the app store.

The results

Lower filesize
More conversions

Are Progressive Web Apps themselves a ranking factor?

This is a difficult question to answer, since Google are notoriously reluctant to share the inner workings of their treasured algorithm. But as far as we know, being a PWA doesn’t yet count as a direct ranking factor. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that they can boost your SEO, as they provide a whole host of benefits that themselves are positive ranking factors, such as those listed above. In addition to this, for a site to count as a PWA, it has to satisfy various requirements that are also ranking factors, such as TLS (security) and site speed.

Combining PWA and AMP

You can even combine your PWA with AMP (previously known as Accelerated Mobile Pages), to leverage the best of both technologies. This combination is sometimes known as a "PWAMP".

The combination of AMP and PWA creates an unparalled, lightning-fast and user-centric experience, full of rich features such as offline access, push notifications and frictionless checkout.

Get miles ahead of your competitors and land right at the forefront of the modern mobile web.

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