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It's estimated that over 80% of UK adults are frequently liking, tweeting and posting on more than one social media platform. As social media advertising keeps growing every year, you should get familiar with its benefits.

How to make Social Media Advertising work for your business

Business needs to use social media advertising not only to stay relevant but also to have the ability to continue to inspire their audience. The days of promoting posts on a single social platform and expecting followers to see it and engage are over. Companies must adopt sophisticated paid social media strategies to promote authoritative content and turn visitors into leads and loyal customers.

The most significant advantage of social media advertising is quick reach out and precise audience targeting. All this, consolidated with overall omnichannel strategy, helps to build efficient customer journeys that deliver new buyers to a business at a much lower cost.

It's something most other channels don't have. They require a notable lead time to deliver returns. For example, content marketing and SEO works best after a while after it's able to win backlinks and generate traction from SERP, and Google or Bing ads can produce steady results, but it takes a while until it's optimised and delivers reasonable CPA as it tends to be expensive at the beginning.

Benefits of Social Advertising

1. Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Advertising through social media is proven to improve brand recognition. Regular conversation and posting on social media platforms help to interact with the audience and creates a picture of credibility. Once customers are familiar with a brand and with the story it shares, they are more likely to convert and even recommend it to others.
Also, thanks to advertising on social media, customers can share their opinions about services or products. By understanding and replying to consumer opinions, customer satisfaction levels rise exponentially, and along with them, loyalty is built.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

With the increased brand recognition that comes with advertising on social media, more leads will visit your website, and the chance of conversion also raises. It's not only true for the social media channel. With well-optimised funnels, Conversion Rates across all other channels, such as SEO, Direct Traffic or PPC, also improve.

3. Reduced Marketing Costs

Precise targeting and thought-through journeys supported by brand recognition and higher conversion rates can significantly lower the CPA. Therefore, using social media to promote services or products is a very efficient way to reduce overall marketing costs.

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