Google have harnessed the best of machine learning to ramp up the efficiency of Google Analytics with the introduction of Google Analytics 4. This upgrade is designed to ensure you have the reliable and detailed answers you need now and in the future about what your customers want from your business.

The new AI technology means sharper, more precise metrics focused on providing the best information about customer behaviour on your site. Enhanced predictive technologies deliver clearer, more insightful results about how you can expect your customer’s needs to evolve now and in future.

With budgets tightening across the globe, accurate data about customer behaviour and improved privacy mechanisms are more important than ever. From customer retention to considered budget spends and the strongest ROI, it makes perfect sense that Google should choose this moment to harness the best of advanced AI technologies for Google Analytics.

Here’s what Google Analytics 4 Could Boost Your Website Performance

1. Seamless data

Analytics 4’s new technology takes an interlinked, multi-platform and multi-device approach to your marketing data. This means when visitors access your website interchangeably on different devices and platforms you can now get streamlined results, automatically displayed in a refreshed, clearer online dashboard.

Your comprehensive marketing data can now provide seamless results about customer actions across all your platforms and channels, including: apps, YouTube, GoogleAds, Google Search, social media, non-Google channels, email and more.

2. Detailed reporting

Richer data and reporting tools, closely integrated with Google Ads mean you can achieve much more accurate forecasting and planning using reliable information about how your customers are likely to behave.

Machine technology makes it possible for you to track and access data about current and future customer spends on each platform and channel, from both individual customers and specific customer groups.

Invaluable information, especially in the current climate, which gives you the capacity to, for example, better target higher-value customers, allocate your marketing budget more accurately and gain a stronger ROI.

3. Notifications

Analytics 4’s new notifications will be a welcome timesaver when it comes to keeping up to date with changes in customer behaviour.

If there is unexpected movement in customer actions, such as a sharp surge in product sales, you’ll get a notification sent directly to you so you don’t have to worry about keeping logging in to check business performance manually.

4. Privacy setting for third-party cookies

The third-party tracking mechanisms have long been a grey area. Now, with its new machine learning capabilities, Analytics 4 ensures you’ll continue to receive reliable predictions about user behaviour whichever direction privacy laws and tracking mechanisms may take in future.

The data deletion and codeless tracking system tools make it easier to both monitor and delete user data for faster, more efficient performance. All in all, Google Analytics 4 is a welcome upgrade for better results and easier analysis of your website performance at what is a very difficult time for businesses across the globe.

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