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PPC in right hands is an excellent marketing method. Enables to have quick results, full spend control and offers a good return on ad spend if well optimised. Nevertheless, it's competitive in some industries and requires regular maintenance and experimentation to maintain a good CPA and a steady number of conversions.

Paid Per Click Services


PPC Analysis

Find the strategy that delivers your best possible ROAS

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PPC Audits

Identify quick fixes and areas of opportunity

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Social Media Advertising

Engage effectively on social media platforms

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Is PPC right for you?

PPC advertising has proven to be a reliable and profitable channel for many B2B, B2C, nonprofits, and other companies seeking quick, quality traffic and conversions. Whether selling products, generate leads for services, build brand awareness, drive foot traffic to local stores or increasing phone calls, the PPC is the perfect channel for that. Moreover, combined with other digital marketing channels such as SEO or Social Media, can provide significant improvements to your online marketing performance.

PPC advertising is most known from search engines, such as Google or Bing, but it can also be successfully executed on Social Media, driving even more relevant traffic. Sometimes with a lower CPA.

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Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Building a winning PPC campaign involves lots of work. Researching and selecting the right keywords, organising campaigns and ad groups structures, creating dedicated PPC landing pages that are optimised for conversions. Therefore it is worth fully consider in advance whether it is appropriate for a particular campaign and whether it will bring expected results.

Here're some of the biggest benefits, and how they can make a significant difference in online performance

Pay only for real clicks

PPC, by name, means you only have to pay money when someone actually clicks on your ad. It doesn't necessarily mean certain conversion, but it still improves brand awareness as anyone who clicks ad is interested in the offer and brand.

Full Budget Ownership

With Pay Per Click, you have constant control of your account spending. It's possible to see precisely how a budget is spent, evaluate return and improve budgeting when needed.

Precise Targeting

One of the best things about PPC is the accurate targeting that allows reaching specific audience groups on their purchase journey and directs them to your site.

Fast Results

Pay per click marketing is able to drive a substantial amount of traffic within a short period of time, allowing to appear at the top of the search results for relevant keywords. Much faster than SEO, that takes months before delivering results.

Better ROAS

Because of the fact acquisition cost relays directly on engagement, it's easier to control ad spend and direct budget wherever the conversations are better and quickly cut out elements that underperform. As a result, ROAS improves.


Another possibility that PPC offers is testing. There's little cost in testing out different tactics and audience responses to new ideas, products or services. It can provide valuable data that may be used in other online activities within a business.