The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the importance of offering diverse products and channels. For example, as non-essential shops in the UK were forced to close during the lockdown period, businesses that could provide online shopping services were still able to operate.

Going forward, with restrictions in place and consumers less confident about going into stores, being able to offer digital based services will help businesses to adapt to the change in consumer behaviour.

It does not look like this will be a temporary change in behaviour either, as those customers who perhaps didn’t want to buy online before are now realising the many benefits of being able to make online purchases. As well as saving them time and inconvenience of going to visit a store, some have found that the returns process is much simpler than they thought.

Going Digital

One of the key elements of digitalising your business is to get a website set up. The first step in doing this is to get your custom domain name, which is the unique website address for your business. Once you have secured your domain name, you can get your website built.

Setting Up A Website

There are many different options regarding website setup depending on how much you want to spend. If you have a big budget, you might want to employ a website developer to build you a customised website. However, if your budget is a bit smaller, you might want to try building your own website, depending on how comfortable you are with technology.

You can set a simple website up using a WordPress theme for as little as a few pounds each month. If you are looking at selling large numbers of products online, you will probably want to get an expert to build the website for you. Then you also need to create content to go onto your website.

Social media

You should also optimise your online opportunities by building a good social media strategy. This could involve Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to promote your services or any other types of social media that your target audience is likely to use. These are generally quite easy to set up and will only cost you your time to set up and create content/posts.

Google My Business

Another good way to generate leads is to make sure that your company has a Google My Business page set up with the current details. This is particularly important if you are offering local services, as it will help your target audience find and contact your business. Creating and managing your Google My Business profile is one of the most crucial aspects of Local SEO.


You can build relationships with customers and send marketing campaigns via email, which will direct them onto your website. It is best to have a professional custom domain email address for your business.

This is just a quick overview of some of the ways that you should be looking to digitise your business and take advantage of the many opportunities it provides in the modern world.

If you would like any advice on setting up your website, or any other digital marketing solution, talk to the Optiminder team and we can soon get your business fully digitised and ready to generate lots of online leads.