Digital Strategy Lifetime Value (LTV)

Mobile usage has soared in recent years. With so many apps available for users, mobile phones are now far more than just a communication device. From booking tickets to ordering food or hailing a taxi, apps cover every area of life.
So could an app be the next step for your business?

User habits have changed

With apps such as Uber and Deliveroo shaping the way food delivery and transport are booked, apps can be used for any number of business purposes.

2020 saw an unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour. Many businesses and consumers turned to ecommerce for the first time, riding a wave that was already building rapidly over the previous decade of a shift towards online shopping.

Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the convenience of apps, and this presents both a challenge and an opportunity for retailers and other businesses alike.

Why are apps so important?

Whilst having a mobile-friendly website is now a given, the creation of apps among businesses is still developing. And yet the advantages are clear.