Social responsibility is a contemporary customer concern that continues to grow in popularity. For much of today’s consumers green priorities hold great weight in where they choose to place their customer loyalty.

You probably haven’t thought about your green credentials in terms of your growth strategy. However, when considering your website SEO, if you really want to stand out from your competitors, your SEO strategy should include sustainability.

Here’s why you should boost your growth online with a green SEO strategy and sustainability part of your company growth strategy.

Green SEO Strategy: Why your SEO should include sustainability

Connection: Modern buyers want connection. They want to invest in a business they can interact with, reap some sort of benefit from and develop a shared connection with.

Eco-friendly business priorities are just one of the ways you can build connection with your target market.

Making your brand voice personable, trustworthy and transparent, green credentials are not just good for the environment they are also good for business.

If you are concerned about the environment and social issues it suggests you will also care about your customers.

It also means your products carry a higher value and consumers are willing to pay for that added value which in part is about offsetting guilt overspending in the first place.

Clearly disingenuous concerns can be easily spotted so a focus on the environment must of course be a genuine desire from within your company but where present, you should exploit the advantage for your website SEO.

Sustainability keywords: With online searches now an instinctive action whenever we need an answer, searches for sustainable companies and products are rising fast.

A report by Lyst, for example, identifies an increase of over 37% in searches using sustainability-related keywords in 2020 alone and the trend is consistent across all sectors.

In fact Google suggests this trend is set to gather increasing pace in coming years with consumers eventually expecting companies to have zero environmental and social impact.

So when you consider your SEO keywords, make sure you are using keywords and key phrases that will enable you to rank for sustainable and green-related terms.

Be careful about which terms you choose because eco-friendly for example, is a well-established term that has been around for a couple of decades so it is already well in play. On the other hand, sustainable and ethical for example, are more contemporary terms so there is less competition for ranking.

From page titles to product titles, your about page, home page, product descriptions, alt tags, social media posts and more, ensure sustainability-related terms such as eco, upcycled, sustainable, ethical and repurposed are part of your keyword strategy.

Don’t forget too, the fact that people want to buy local so locality SEO should also play a role in your Green SEO strategy, enabling you to rank for searches for local companies and local producers.

Less competition: Less than half of the global market is prioritising the environment at present. Social responsibility is an ethical and personal decision thus it is a marketing area that some companies won’t address despite its growing importance, meaning more customers for you.

If you can ensure your SEO strategy places your business at the top of sustainability searches for your niche, you have direct access to a still relatively untouched market.

Green SEO Strategy: Why your SEO should include sustainability

As with any trend, these advantages won’t remain niche, everyone will wake up to them pretty quickly so if you can get ahead of the crowd, you can reap the benefits before everyone else.

That means a solid, comprehensive, well-executed green strategy with proven keywords and approaches that will deliver.

We know short-term, under-researched and poorly executed SEO doesn’t produce results so if you already know you haven’t got the time to carry out this strategy properly, get in touch with us today.

We can develop a solid, Green SEO strategy for you, alongside any other growth strategies you need to take your business to the next level.