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Mobile users spend far longer in apps than they do browsing the internet - in fact, the average mobile phone user will spend 87% of their time using an app, compared to 13% surfing the web. Consequently, it’s as important as ever to ensure that you offer your customers a useful and easy-to-use app.

What's ASO Optimisation?

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App Store Ranking Factors

On-metadata factors (controllable) Your app’s metadata can be modified in iTunes Connect / Google Play Developer Console, to:

  • optimise ‘keywords rankings’ within the App Store or Google Play store, and
  • encourage the user to download

On-metadata factors include:

  • App name / title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Icon
  • Screenshots
  • Video
  • URL (Apple App Store) / Package (Google Play Store)
  • Developer name (Google Play Store )
  • Short description (Google Play Store)
  • Keywords field (Apple App Store). Note: Keywords in the title have the most weight.

Note: Keywords in the title have the most weight. There’s no single perfect title, but a good rule of thumb is: your brand name plus 2 or 3 of your most important keywords.

Off-metadata factors (not fully controllable)

  • Number & speed of installs
  • Ratings + reviews
  • User engagements

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App Store Optimisation Tips

The Apple App Store has over 2.2 million apps available. There’s even more available on the Google Play Store, which has over 2.8 million apps available for download. Consequently, it’s important to do whatever you can to stand out and encourage users to download your app.

How to get more app downloads

  • Follow standard A/B testing practices: icons, images, screenshots. Test everything!
  • Make your logo icon stand out.
  • Keep app filesize under 100MB
  • Get your users to report bugs on a separate page (stopping negative reviews from leaking onto your download page)

App Store Keyword Research

There are a number of places you can use to find inspiration for keywords, including competitor apps, user reviews, and app store searches. You can then use services like Apple Search Ads or Keyword Planner to check search volumes.

For new apps, it’s easiest to start off with mid and long-tail, low competition keywords. Over time, you can change these gradually, to target some of the more valuable but more competitive keywords.

App Store Optimisation KPIs

There are a variety of Key Performance Indicators you can use to assess the performance of your app. The importance and relative prioritisation of each KPI will vary depending on what category you app falls into, but generally the following metrics can be used to benchmark your app’s success:

  • keywords rankings
  • Top Charts rankings
  • organic installs (by country) conversion rate to install
  • revenue from organic installs (in-app, advertising…),
  • competitors’ updates / changes in listings (on-metadata)
  • filesize / download time

App Store Optimisation Services

If you’d like help optimising your app, Modillon can help you increase your number of downloads by helping you rank better for the right keywords and encouraging installs. Reach out today to find out more.