Last year Google switched things up in the mark up on search results for FAQs and Q&As. In 2018 the way that search results appeared in Google changed to include snippets that were displayed as FAQs, Q&As and How-tos. This was implemented to help users find the most helpful way of answering their question.

However, the guidelines released at the time made implementation a bit confusing until they announced support for the new structured mark up to help businesses to apply them to help internet users find the information they need when they have a specific question or need to know how to do a particular task.

Google support for FAQs and How-to

On Google’s support page on FAQs, they say that if a page is properly marked up, they may be eligible to display a rich result within Search and as an Action on Google Assistant. The feature is available in all countries where Google Search is available.

They provide structured data guidelines, which can be tested via the Structured Data Testing Tool to check if the page is marked up in the right way. Mark up must be done via JSON-LD, Microdata or RDFa to work.

The support section also highlights the importance of following Google’s Webmaster guidelines and Content guidelines to ensure that they are producing content that is of high quality and no manipulative behaviour or other misleading practices have been applied.

For creating How-to pages, creating a guide that has clear steps with an image for each step will help to create a How-to that is represented nicely in Google Search. Also, using video will help to receive good search results.

How to add rich snippets

An easy way to add rich snippets is to use a FAQ snippet code generator. You simply add your questions and answers into the relevant fields and then generate the code to copy and paste onto your site.

To monitor the effectiveness of the Schema, you can use Google Search Console reporting under the Rich Results Status Report. This, along with using the testing tool, should enable you to identify what works well.

When implemented correctly, the new schema mark up for FAQs, Q&As and How-to pages provide an excellent opportunity to enhance organic listings, so it is definitely worth doing the relevant research to get a strong understanding of best practice.